It may be tempting to work out a particular body part as much as possible in the hopes of increasing muscle size faster, but this may backfire and leave a person with injuries. It isn’t a good idea to do a Massive Chest workout one day and then work those same muscles again the next day. This doesn’t leave time for the muscles to recover and rebuild. There are a number of potential training schedules that can work better.

Three-Day Versus Four-Day Splits

Most people do either three- or four-day splits. Someone doing a three-day split may do a full body workout three days a week and rest or do cardio workouts the other days. With a four-day split, a person might work out a couple muscle groups on each workout day, perhaps doing a chest and Delt workout one day, a biceps and triceps workout another day, a back and abs workout the third day and a leg workout the last day. The main difference is the number of days per week that the person rests or does cardio instead of lifting weights. However, a three-day split is usually better for beginners and for burning fat, while a four-day split may be better for working individual muscles and increasing strength and mass. People using a three-day split have less risk of overtraining and injuries due to the increased rest time.


Another way to schedule workouts is to determine how often you want to train each muscle group, and work out the splits based on this factor. When working muscle groups fewer times per week, it’s necessary to do a more intense workout if trying to build muscle. This isn’t suitable for most people, but is sometimes done by bodybuilders. The main drawback is that sometimes people lose muscle mass because they don’t work out hard enough once per week.

Most people find success working each muscle group about two times per week or every four or five days. Beginners may be better off doing full body workouts three times per week as long as they don’t overtrain at any given workout and leave a day or two of rest between each workout. More advanced bodybuilders tend to find this workout to be less effective and tedious, however.